By - Bobby Cusick

CBD for Fibromyalgia: Benefits and Symptom Relief Explained

There are trustworthy testimonies and studies that have shown that CBD oil is effective in treatment and management of fibromyalgia. Cannabinoid oil is extracted from cannabis plant through a safe process that retains the preparation purely organic.


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Therapeutic Benefits of using CBD for fibromyalgia

♦ Pain relief
Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition characterized by wide spread pain. The pain occurs on both the upper and lower parts of the body. In fact, this pain affects the muscles especially around the lower back and pelvic region as well as joints such as the elbow, knees and ankles. It is no wonder that it is commonly known as musculoskeletal pain. The initial stage of this condition is marked by dull constant pain that lasts for over three months. Later the pain increases becoming unbearable particularly on the back, lower and upper limbs. Unfortunately, conventional analgesics do not provide a lasting solution as one has to live on them.

Many fibro sufferers are looking specifically for CBD for fibromyalgia.

CBD oil has become a popular natural pain relief solution for this chronic condition. Doses of this preparation have brought freedom from pain to those living with this condition without having to deal with adverse reactions as it is the case with over counter analgesics. Cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the body effectively receive the active compounds of cannabinoidal, effectively numbing the pain.

♦ Eliminates fatigue
People suffering from fibromyalgia face fatigue issues on daily basis. Their sleep and rest are continuously interrupted by pains. After taking doses of analgesics, the pain temporarily disappears but another nagging issue arises, of restless legs syndrome. They also suffer from other serious sleep disorders that make it impossible to rest. Some result to taking a combination of medicine in order to solve issues causing the fatigue. This leaves most of them frustrated due to adverse effects of different over the counter drugs they have to use every day to deal with fatigue.

However, majority of individuals living with fibromyalgia reports to have used cannabinoidal preparation and found freedom from fatigue. Prescribed daily doses of CBD eliminate the underlying causes of fatigue. Fibromyalgia related fatigue leaves an individual tired and weak hence unable to perform daily chores. Use of this organic preparation helps one to resume normal duties and record productivity in one’s career due to adequate rest.

♦ Treatment of fibro fog
Fibromyalgia predisposes an individual to a condition known as fibro fog. People who have developed fibro fog struggle with serious cognitive issues. Indeed, it becomes increasingly difficult for an individual to concentrate or think through a given task requiring average mental ability. Those affected by this condition are unable to function in their careers or learning process. Fibro fog is believed to occur when neurotransmitters sends abnormal signals to the brain. Use of cannabinoid oil has been found effective in restoration of cognitive functions of the affected individuals. This organic oil’s receptors are present in the brain hence effectively receiving the active compounds that reverses the condition. This helps in preventing possible memory loss in people suffering from fibromyalgia induced fibro fog.

♦ Prevents and treats depression
Though fibromyalgia does not directly induce depression, majority of affected persons present with it. Fibromyalgia as a condition causes pain in the body, fatigue and cognitive disorders that renders an individual nonfunctional. Unfortunately, many people in the society are not aware of this condition hence fails to understand those affected by it. This results to loss of jobs, lack of money as funds are used for medication, divorce and stigmatization. Eventually, the affected person becomes depressed. When CBD oil doses are administered early once the diagnosis is made, they offer protection from anxiety and other depression related symptoms. Oil’s compounds provide a balance in neurotransmitters inducing a sense of wellbeing in the individual.

♦ Does not lead to dependency
Unlike other components found in the cannabis plant, cannabinoid is not psychoactive. THC is the component of cannabis plant that causes effects of feeling high, getting paranoid and sometimes anxious. To the contrary, CBD produces effects that antagonize those of THC. This simply means that people on long term use of cannabinoid oil for fibromyalgia do not have to worry about getting high or becoming dependent. When one decides to stop using CBD, no withdrawal effects are experienced.
♦ Prevents and cure muscle spasms
Fibromyalgia induce muscle spasms especially of the lower and upper limbs. The spasms lead to excruciating pain while some people experience tremors. This may incapacitate an individual affecting their movement. Muscle spasms can be a major setback more so for those in the productive years of life. CBD oil has been found to possess potent anti-spastic properties that cure muscle spasms. Cannabinoid receptors located in the limbs receive the compounds of this natural preparation, significantly reducing the frequency at which tremors occur while decreasing their intensity.
♦ Available in many forms
CBD oil preparation is available in varying forms. In this case, every individual suffering from fibromyalgia can choose the mode of administering the dosage that they feel comfortable with. Cannabinoid comes in form of liquid drops, dabs, capsules, lotions and vape oils. However, it is important to seek advice from experts on the best form of dosage which is more effective for one’s particular condition. For example, if fibromyalgia is characterized by painful joints and limb muscle spasms, it would be practical to use CBD in lotion form compared to drops, as their action would be localized on the affected areas hence quick relief.
♦ Comfortable dosage and portability
People suffering from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia feel burdened by the medication. This is because one some medications are divided in three or four doses within 24 hours. Carrying more than one type of medicine to work place or social places is not only tiresome but can lead to some sort of stigma. This is why CBD oil is the best solution for fibromyalgia as the individual just need to carry a single medication. Moreover, the packaging is done in a sensitive manner as they are portable.